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About the Host

My name is Eric. I am a husband, a father, a protector and provider. I am a living proof of the false perception that all Black people think alike. I oppose those who claim to be “Black Leaders,” because they don’t speak for me. “Black Leaders” are for those without direction.

I value faith in God, freedom, and all of the other gifts that God has allowed me to have. I believe in right and wrong, Heaven and hell, good and evil. I believe that the source of all life, rights, and freedom is God, and not the government. I believe in the individual right to freedom of religion, freedom of associations, and freedom of speech. The best way to give thanks for these gifts is to cherish and protect them. I believe that it is the right and responsibility of all free people to keep and bear arms for the protection of God’s gifts against the forces of evil that are determined to destroy all things that are of God. All us share the responsibility for the protection of freedom, and should give honor and thanks for those who sacrificed for freedoms’ cause. It is my personal goal to prove myself worthy of their sacrifices.

I am against killing babies before (or after) they are born, non-heterosexual marriage, pedophilia, bestiality, and other deviant behavior. I support lower taxes, school choice, the personal control my retirement, and public displays of religion. I support the US military in the War on Terror, because evil should be confronted at all times. I claim no political party, because I refuse to subjugate my personal beliefs in promotion of a party platform.

Each of us has a God given freedom to think for ourselves, to speak for ourselves, and to share these thoughts with others. I stand strong against those who refuse to acknowledge the rights of an individual to have a political ideology is not tied to a political party. The morals, values, and beliefs I have are mine. They may or may not reflect those held by others. You are welcome to agree or disagree, but respect my views as I respect the views of others.

Guest Comment Policy

To minimize the number of misunderstandings, the following is the Mourners’ Bench’s official policy. You are a guest on my blog and inappropriate “Evil” behavior will be dealt with by editing, deleting, or any other means the host deems appropiate. Like life itself, your conduct here boil down to either “Good” or “Evil.”

Note: This policy is subject to change based on need, and you are encouraged to reacquaint yourself with it often.


  1. Reading the posting and comments of the host.
  2. Reading the comments of other guest.
  3. Providing an opinion on the comments of the host or other guest that are related to the topic of discussion.
  4. Using your real name, alias, nickname, or pseudonym, so that others may respond to you by name.
  5. Agreeing, disagreeing, or having no opinion what-so-ever relating to a post or comment, and/or providing a logical, legal, moral, or religious reason to support your position.


  1. Personal attacks on the host.
  2. Personal attacks on other guest.
  3. The uses of racial, ethnic, vulgar, or sexually offensive words, terms or phrases. (There will not be a list posted. If you have any doubts, don’t post it.)
  4. Using more than one alias, nickname, or pseudonym and assuming that you are completely anonymous and able to make “Evil” comments without consequence. (ISPs and employers keep good records.)
  5. Disagreement for the sake of disagreement without providing any logical, legal, moral or religious reasons to support your disagreement.
Thanks in advanced for following the rules. Please enjoy your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mourners' Bench?
A mourners’ bench is wooden bench 20-25 inches high, 12-14 inches wide, several feel long, sometimes covered with padding, that was placed at the front in a church revival meeting for mourners or repentant sinners. It was known to be the place of outbreaks of tears over sin. Mourners sat before others who might see their suffering and join in their prayers. The blessed person is the one who recognizes that sin is bad and confesses it.

Why is your blog url “”, but your website is named “The Mourners' Bench?”
The URL and the site name were created based on two separate lines of thought. First, I chose “freemantalkin” because I wanted a constant reminder that the thoughts, views, and beliefs presented here are not those a slave, but of a free man. I am not on the “plantation” of thought that enslaves many of my peers, and the opinions voiced on this site are mine based on my personal moral beliefs. After choosing the url, I decided to name my blog “The Mourners' Bench.” In a lot of ways the entire world needs prayer, and therefore a visit to The Mourners’ Bench is required.

Why are you doing this blog?
Honestly, I don’t know. I guess it may have something to do with a strong need to highlight issues of concern that my not being reported via the “old school” media. I have noticed that far too many people fail to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge available via the World Wide Web. Many fail to use look beyond media propaganda in order to make informed political decisions that reflect their values and believes. If I can help other to learn about the news that is not being reported because of an agenda driven media, then my efforts to help promote a value driven society will be worth while.

Why you have this embedded vendetta against the Democrats, who seem to be your target?
I have a vendetta, but I don’t limit myself to Democrats. My vendetta is against those who copy sample ballots because they are unable to make informed decisions for themselves. My vendetta is against those who pimp the poor for their votes. My vendetta is against those who seek votes from felons, illegal aliens, and others who should be permitted to vote because the informed populace would never vote for them. My vendetta is against those who would jeopardize the safety and security of me, and my family for their personal political gain. If you say I have a vendetta against Democrats, then I say “if the shoe fits let the Democrats wear it.”

Additional FAQs to be added soon...

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