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Sen. Hillary Clinton (D - NY) speaks out in strong opposition to school vouchers.

As Michelle Malkin states,
Hillary screeches that providing inner-city and poor students with more choice in education will lead to a "school of the Church of the White Supremacist " and a "School of the Jihad."
In her speech, Sen. Hillary Clinton went back to the 40 year old Democrat racial division playbook, and played the "White Supremacist/ Islamic Jihad Race Trump Card." But, it should be called the, "I don't want your kids to escape the failing and violent public schools by going to good schools like the one that my daughter attend card."

In her speech, Sen. Clinton fail to mention that public schools provide the best quality of education, that the average public school cost less per student than the average private school, or that public schools were the best place for her daughter. Why? Because not even Slick Willy the Great could lie that good.

While the majority of our children are condemned to receive an education in schools where no-child's-behind-is-left-alone; prior to attending Stanford and University College at Oxford, Chelsea Clinton attended Sidwell Friends High School. Where the schools website states,
Our curriculum is broad, and class sizes are small, allowing students to achieve their potential, and find the areas that will continue to spark their interest in years to come.
Unfortunately, it is beyond the financial means of most Americans.
Sidwell Friends School
Rates and Charges for 2005-06
Lower School $23,545
Middle and Upper Schools $24,545
At Chelsea's graduation, the commencement speaker President Bill Clinton said,
Class of 1997, you are beautiful. Go out and live like it. Be humble and be proud. Be of service. Be optimistic and grateful. Be brave and dream your dreams.
Although they are also proud and optimistic, it is just too bad that the dreams of less privileged parents and students are not a concern within the Clintons household. Why?

Annual tuition to send Chelsea to Sidwell Friends Private School - $24,545
Contributions from the teachers unions for opposing school vouchers - $596,816

Denying ordinary working families the opportunity to send their children to non-substandard schools so that they can climb the social ladder and achieve the American dream. - PRICELESS

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I read on La Shawn Barber’s Corner that it seems that the former residents of the New Orleans "Chocolate City" will have the opportunity to learn a new 4-letter-word. WORK!
Houston transplants who want to return to New Orleans got a dose of tough love. “We don’t need soap opera watchers right now,” said New Orleans council member Oliver Thomas
Oliver Thomas also states,
We're going to target the people who are going to work. It's not that I'm fed up, but that at some point there has to be a whole new level of motivation, and people have got to stop blaming the government for something they ought to do.
Life has a way of teaching us lessons. Some learn them sooner, some learn them later. It is unfortunate that it takes a Hurricane to teach some a lesson, and that the lesson has to be taught at Houston's expense.

It may be time for Houston to take some of the feathers out of the nest, and to teach some baby birds to fly. Thank you NO City Council for teaching the lesson my parents taught us at a very early age. "If you don't work, you don't eat."

We Shall Overcome?

by Eric of

We Shall Overcome has been the theme song for the civil rights movement for over 40 years. Although the words of this song may have once had significant meaning, now it is time to finally face reality. We shall overcome? I seriously doubt it. Some have overcome, some will overcome, and some will continue to make excuses. Which one are you?

Despite 40 years of progress, some wouldn’t believe that they have overcome, even if Dr. Martin Luther King presented then with a parchment certificate proclaiming, "Congratulations, You have Overcome."

Here are a few examples of those among us who have overcome: Oprah, Michael Jordan, Gen. Colin Powell, Whoopi Goldberg, Barac Obama, Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Janice Rogers-Brown, Tiger Woods, Lynn Swann, Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Shaquille O’Neil, Bill Cosby and too many others to name. Even those people like Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, whose financial livelihood is based on telling others that they can’t overcome because of racism and without handouts, have for the most part overcome themselves.

Don't get me wrong; I am not discounting the accomplishments or the struggles of the past. However, you don't reach your destination by walking in circles. It is long overdue that we claim the victories won, and not continue to constantly fight the same battles. It is long overdue that we accept the reality than not everyone has the desire, will or determination to put forward the effort required to succeed and overcome life’s challenges.

Success, accomplishment, victory, triumph, achievement and overcoming are not based on handouts, social programs, blaming society, or the removal of obstacles. Success and overcoming is based on a desire to succeed, excel, and achieve success despite the obstacles that life places in our path. It is the faith, and strength gained while overcoming obstacles that forms the character that allows you to keep what you get after you have earned it. It is up to each of us to look within ourselves to determine if success is in our future.

How do you know if you are to be a part of the We that shall overcome?

You may have overcome if...
You may be on the path to overcoming if…
You may NOT be on the path to overcoming if…
(Note: Additional items may be added as needed.)

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The Thunder Run: Found In My Inbox this AM

Here is a very funny letter to the IRS from a satisfied taxpayer.


Wake up Black America

On Wake up Black America, in The freedom fighters against the New Era of Slavery in America, the author states:
"Free thinkers and visionarys like Michael Steele, Lynn Swan, Jesse Lee Peterson, Thomas Sowell, Walter E Williams, Starr Parker, LaShawn Barber, William Perryman gives me hope and determination that we can have"FREEDOM of CHOICE" as Black Americans."

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Matrix as Messiah Movie

The Real Message Encoded Within The Matrix.

My all time favorite movie is the Matrix. I like it not just because of the often imitated special effects and fight scenes, but because I saw the immediate similarities with Neo, and "The One." I found a site that confirms that I wasn’t the only one to see the various parallels.

Here is one of the many examples.

The Bible - John the Baptist
John 1:29, 30, & 34 - The next day he saw Jesus coming to him and said, "Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! This is He on behalf of whom I said, 'After me comes a Man who has a higher rank than I, for He existed before me'. And I have seen, and have borne witness that this is the Son of God."

The Matrix - Morpheus
Neo's way was prepared by Morpheus who fervently believed and proclaimed to everyone that Neo was "The One". And the Oracle told Morpheus that HE would be the one to find "The One".

Morpheus: "We've done it, Trinity. We found him."
Trinity: "I hope you're right."
Morpheus: "I don't have to hope. I know it!"

Alabama Church Fires - Here is My Solution

Once again, another rural Alabama Church is set on fire. Although some have attempted to make a racial connection between the fires, not all churches have been Black Churches. One definite simularity in these fires is that all these fires are attacks on the people of God. The article, Alabama communities feel a searing loss, states the following:
Frank Wilson, a Rehobeth deacon, said congregants stand ready to protect each other because a lone deputy sometimes must cover the more than 600 square miles of Bibb County, where five churches (including Rehobeth and Ashby) were burned Feb. 3.

"If a single woman hears a noise outside her house, it could take him 45 minutes to get there," said Wilson, who also serves with the volunteer fire department. "We tell her, 'Don't call the sheriff. Call a church member.'"
For a possible solution, lets look back to the year 1964, and the Deacons for Defense and Justice. According to Wikipedia...
The Deacons were African Americans and most of them were war veterans with combat experience from the Korean War and World War II. In some cases, they had a symbiotic relationship with other civil rights groups that advocated and practiced non-violence: the willingness of the Deacons to provide low-key armed guards facilitated the ability of groups such as the NAACP and CORE to stay, at least formally, within their own parameters of non-violence.

Amin Sharif says, "The Deacons -- Black men -- had armed themselves against the terror of white racism." If standing up to terror worked in the 1960's, it can work again today. Where are some good Deacons when you need them?

Additional information:
The Deacons for Defense, by Larry Pratt

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Felon Vote, the Last Hope

On Wake up Black America, there was very interesting discussion about the Maryland Democrats, and how they are trying to pass a law to give felons the right to vote. My response was the following.

I believe I will try a different approach. Rather than knock them, I’ll applaud their efforts to keep their dead political party on life support. What brilliant, highly compensated, well-educated political strategist woke up one morning, drove into his office, and said, “We could win more often if we just had more voters. Let’s target the felon vote. After all, some of our best candidates are criminals.”

Since they already have a lock on the illegal alien, dead, mentally unstable, chemically dependent, unemployed, and socially dependant vote, the felon vote was the next logical step. I hope that the law-abiding members of their party realize that they are judged by the company they keep, and make the decision to make a change [of affiliation].

To the law-abiding, Democrat voting, citizens of Maryland I would like to add the following words of wisdom. As you are marching arm-in-arm, and side-by-side with your fellow voters to the polls, keep in mind the following. The criminals that rape your wives, steal your cars, murder your friends, molest your daughters, shoplift from your businesses, and sell drugs to your sons will be marching with you. Why? Because to your elected officials, you are no better than they are.

Although you work hard, support your family, pay your taxes, and remain on the right side of the law, desperate times call for desperate measures. Your party wants to regain power, even at the expense of your family's safety. To your elected officials, you are just a tool used for the acquisition of power. Think about this. If the people you elect depend on felons for votes, what makes you think that these elected officials will keep them in jail and out of house or your car?

So in closing, as that carjacker is driving off in your Lexus, Caddy, Benz, or Lincoln kindly remind him to please follow the printed instructions on the sample ballot you left for him on the passenger seat.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Coretta Scott King
April 27, 1927 - January 30, 2006

The .PDF copy of the program from the funeral of Coretta Scott King is downloadable. It is actually done with class and with dignity, unlike the three-ring-circus that was broadcasted on television. Some people just don’t have common courtesy when it comes to attempts at promoting a dead (excuse the pun) political party. It would have shown a lot more respect if the family had provided this program for the public, and limited the funeral services to just the family. In contrast, the Ronald Regan funeral, that was done with real class.

Here is another example of not-so-appropriate funeral behavior.

The Politics on the Clinton Plantation.

On January 16. 2006, during an event to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Sen. Hillary Clinton (D- NY), a likely Democrat Presidential candidate, made the following statement to a mostly Black audience at the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ in Harlem.

"When you look at the way the House of Representatives has been run, it has been run like a plantation, and you know what I'm talking about. It has been run in a way so that nobody with a contrary view has had a chance to present legislation, to make an argument, to be heard."

For the benefit of those who are failing to recognize the characteristics of a plantation and an organization that is unaccommodating and hostile to those "with a contrary view." I have provided a few examples of an organization with documented "plantation" like behavior.

How do you tell if your political party is being run like a plantation?

1. When those with "contrary views" leave the plantation and they are attacked, severely beaten, and lynched in the public square.

2. When the assistance of “Overseers” is required to insure that order and control is maintained and so that those with "contrary views" aren't able to interfere with the plantations cash crop of voters.

3. When the former residents of the “Chocolate City” plantation find a better life among the free states, and huge numbers of them make no effort to return. Due to the fear of losing his job and position in the "big house", their former "Overseer" is reduced to begging and pleading for them to return.

4. When your political party has contempt for the "contrary view" of supporting those who are willing to die for others, when the religion of the majority of the population is based on “The One" who died for others.

"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." - John 15:13 (NIV)

5. When you value human life, the sanctity of marriage, traditional family values, and faith in God, but your "contrary views" and beliefs do not matter because they are in conflict with the "Plantation Master's" agenda.

So now, when posed with the "...and you know what I'm talking about..." statement by Sen. Hillary Clinton (D- NY), you can respond the greatest certainty. "Yes, Sen. Clinton, I know what you are talking about better than you will ever possibly imagine."

Thursday, February 09, 2006

OK Cupid Politics Test

Here is an excellent test that will show exactly where you fit within the political spectrum. Its results have been know to be a real eye opener for some.

Conservative? Liberal? Republican? Democrat? No matter how you vote, it's unlikely that any one of these words perfectly reflects your views. Politcal beliefs are often intuitive and personal, and no party, platform, candidate or external label can encompass them exactly.

We at OkCupid designed this test to explore our users' ecomonic and social ideas and then place them into the spectrum of political thought: liberal, conservative, progressive, radical, and so on. We tried to accurately translate a person's own sense of where he stands into a place in the real poiltical world.

OkCupid's Politics Test is short and, as always, highly accurate. At the end, you'll get nifty graphs and charts, and you can compare your score to both your friends' and famous people's. Cheers.

Friday, February 03, 2006

John Stossel's Stupid in America

How Lack of Choice Cheats Our Kids Out of a Good Education

This is an excellent examples of why I support school vouchers and school choice. As you read the article, ask yourself why does it have to be like this? Who is to blame, the parents, the students, or the system? Who is suffering, the parents, the students, or the system?

As in all professions, there are good employees and bad employees. In my opinion, as long as teachers unions are more concerned with maintaining employment for sub-standard teachers in sub-standard systems and less concerned with providing the best opportunities for students these problems will continue to exist. Where schools and teachers are graded, and parents are empowered with a choice, education of students is the result. Education is not about maintaining a system to create jobs for incompetent teachers, it is about the greatest return on investment for our educational tax dollars.

It is just that simple.

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