Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Alan Colmes Interview with Sen. John McCain.

Alan Colmes: Sen. McCain, you have made it clear that you are strongly opposed to torturing terrorist to obtain the information needed to stop future acts of terror. However, according to a confidential and unnamed source, there have been reports of many who at the hands of Government officials have been repeatedly struck with whips, chains, and other hard objects, been kept awake for extended periods of time, and who have been forced to assume various uncomfortable positions, all while in the hazy fog of a drug induced stupor. In your opinion, Senator McCain, should these acts be considered unacceptable forms of torture?

Sen. McCain: Yes, I most certainly would consider the horrible acts you described as torture of the worst possible kind. Anyone responsible for such treatment should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I must also say that anyone that has knowledge of such acts taking place has a solemn your duty to the share the details with the American people. No detainee of the US government should have to endure such cruel and inhuman treatment, under any circumstances.

Alan Colmes: Senator McCain, the acts described didn’t happen in Guantanamo Bay, they happened in Sen. Kennedy’s suite during the 2004 DNC Convention. You really missed one heck of a party.


I hope that you enjoyed a little fun with a serious matter. One political party doesn't have anything to contribute to the discussion, and the other has taken on both sides of the argument. This is exactly why my party affiliation remains "NO AFFILIATION".

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