Saturday, December 31, 2005

Guest Comment Policy

To minimize the number of misunderstandings, the following is the Mourners’ Bench’s official policy. You are a guest on my blog and inappropriate “Evil” behavior will be dealt with by editing, deleting, or any other means the host deems appropiate. Like life itself, your conduct here boil down to either “Good” or “Evil.”

Note: This policy is subject to change based on need, and you are encouraged to reacquaint yourself with it often.


  1. Reading the posting and comments of the host.
  2. Reading the comments of other guest.
  3. Providing an opinion on the comments of the host or other guest that are related to the topic of discussion.
  4. Using your real name, alias, nickname, or pseudonym, so that others may respond to you by name.
  5. Agreeing, disagreeing, or having no opinion what-so-ever relating to a post or comment, and/or providing a logical, legal, moral, or religious reason to support your position.


  1. Personal attacks on the host.
  2. Personal attacks on other guest.
  3. The uses of racial, ethnic, vulgar, or sexually offensive words, terms or phrases. (There will not be a list posted. If you have any doubts, don’t post it.)
  4. Using more than one alias, nickname, or pseudonym and assuming that you are completely anonymous and able to make “Evil” comments without consequence. (ISPs and employers keep good records.)
  5. Disagreement for the sake of disagreement without providing any logical, legal, moral or religious reasons to support your disagreement.
Thanks in advanced for following the rules. Please enjoy your visit.

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