Saturday, December 31, 2005

About the Host

My name is Eric. I am a husband, a father, a protector and provider. I am a living proof of the false perception that all Black people think alike. I oppose those who claim to be “Black Leaders,” because they don’t speak for me. “Black Leaders” are for those without direction.

I value faith in God, freedom, and all of the other gifts that God has allowed me to have. I believe in right and wrong, Heaven and hell, good and evil. I believe that the source of all life, rights, and freedom is God, and not the government. I believe in the individual right to freedom of religion, freedom of associations, and freedom of speech. The best way to give thanks for these gifts is to cherish and protect them. I believe that it is the right and responsibility of all free people to keep and bear arms for the protection of God’s gifts against the forces of evil that are determined to destroy all things that are of God. All us share the responsibility for the protection of freedom, and should give honor and thanks for those who sacrificed for freedoms’ cause. It is my personal goal to prove myself worthy of their sacrifices.

I am against killing babies before (or after) they are born, non-heterosexual marriage, pedophilia, bestiality, and other deviant behavior. I support lower taxes, school choice, the personal control my retirement, and public displays of religion. I support the US military in the War on Terror, because evil should be confronted at all times. I claim no political party, because I refuse to subjugate my personal beliefs in promotion of a party platform.

Each of us has a God given freedom to think for ourselves, to speak for ourselves, and to share these thoughts with others. I stand strong against those who refuse to acknowledge the rights of an individual to have a political ideology is not tied to a political party. The morals, values, and beliefs I have are mine. They may or may not reflect those held by others. You are welcome to agree or disagree, but respect my views as I respect the views of others.

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